Nanogate Technologies


NanoGate Technologies offers a unique experience for chips and circuit design by producing the highest quality nano scale semiconductors.


Yash is a serial entrepreneur, inventor and the visionary behind the NanoGate Technologies. Expert in the fields of high energy laser physics optics, accelerators, and solid-state physics. He is a Nuclear Engineer by trade involved in establishing digital platform and operational model for the company.

Yash Patel

CEO and Founder

Herbert is a subject matter expert in field of material science with knowledge of and experience with production of semiconductor. Graduate from UCLA and former member of PARISlab with publications in atomic structure simulations. He is a technologist involved in back end research and product process development for the company.

Herbert Ramos

CTO and Co-Founder

Quintin is an expert with multiple years of industrial experience in development and design of integrated circuits. He is a technologist actively working and developing the final product design and configuration to address industry needs.

Quintin Livingston


Alex has substantial experience in project management role throughout his academic and professional career. With his skill sets as a business acumen, he effectively supervises the multidisciplinary team of the organization to meet schedule.

Alexander Perry


Erasto has experience with budget management for start up and passion in engineering innovations. His comfort in both fields of finance and engineering he would be an integral part of our company.

Erasto Zenil



Houston, TX, USA